tips on how to restump a house

Tips on How to Restump a House

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    Always hire contractors who are experienced in restumping houses.

    The second tip is that the house reblocking company could always ensure that they wear full safety gear while working on your property. This may protect them from any injury, and you won’t have to worry about anything else apart from sitting back, relaxing, and watching them work.

    Another thing you could do when choosing a contractor for this job is to ask for their previous work history so that you can check out whether or not they’ve done well on all the tasks they were given before on other jobs. This way, you’ll know what sort of results to expect with your home too.

    You don’t need to pay large amounts of money just for someone to come over and inspect the foundation of your house. The simple truth is that any professional home reblocking service provider can do this task in no time at all, and you’ll get an accurate assessment of what needs to be done immediately.

    If you are living on your own or within a tight budget, it’s always best to carry out the inspection yourself with the help of family members or friends who can lend some extra hands while checking for signs of damage to see if restumping is required. However, only some places may allow more than one person to go inside, which means that if you don’t have anyone around, then getting someone else involved becomes inevitable.

    You’ll also need to check whether there is an opportunity for dry rot to take hold because once it does, you’ll have a new problem on your hands. All of these things may need to be carefully noted down ahead of time so that you know exactly what kind of situation you’re going to be facing if restumping is the only option left for you.

    There are different types of foundation damage that can occur, but some of the main problems include water seepage through cracks in the floor and walls. This is more common when it starts raining heavily, and over time your entire house could end up getting damaged from it severely. Some other problems caused by water seeping into the home include mould growth which is another issue you won’t want to deal with because once it starts spreading, it’s incredibly hard to get rid of.

    What is Restumping

    Restumping or reblocking is the process of resetting (or replacing) the stumps on which a house stands. House stumps sink with time because of soil movement or when wooden stumps decay because of dampness in the dirt. It is critical to bring the house to level by restumping Dandenong; otherwise, it can lead to damage varying from cracks in the walls to the permanent collapse of the structure. It’s also recommended to restump an old house before renovations because of the additional strain on the structure of the house.

    Restumping is a major endeavour, and if it’s not taken care of accurately, it could be extremely perilous for you and your home.

    Signs that your home may require restumping include:

    • Cracks in walls
    • Uneven, warped or soft floors
    • cracks in brickwork
    • Doors and windows not closing properly

    Every house is built differently and hence reacts differently to changes in the soil below the house. Whenever improper stumping is left untreated, however, it could end up in major damage to the structure.

    A house can be restumped in part if just certain areas require it. However, there is surely the hazard that a couple of damaged stumps that were believed to be in great condition may crumple later on, forcing restumping once more. While wooden stumps may look fine, they could be decaying under the ground. It’s a difficult task to return just to replace a couple of stumps!

    The important step in restumping is to evaluate which stumps should be replaced or reset. This is typically done utilizing a ‘level’ to survey how even your floors are and by checking the stumps themselves for displacement and disintegration. The house is then step by step and marginally lifted where the stump that should be supplanted is, and existing stumps are either moved to adjust for settling or are taken out and replaced altogether.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Severe subsidence can be a very serious problem. Subsidence can lead to severe structural problems which can make a house uninhabitable. Severe subsidence can be dangerous and eventually lead to structural instability and collapse. Subsidence can make a house unmortgageable and so, perhaps, unsaleable.

    The Homebuyer Survey uncovers any serious structural problems with the building such as subsidence. The surveyor will also inspect damp-proofing, drainage, insulation, and damp test the walls to ensure damp is not present in the property.

    If your mortgage lender has confirmed you have subsidence within their mortgage valuation then you will need to instruct a structural engineer or chartered building surveyor to complete a subsidence survey.

    Underpinning can be used to repair subsidence or to pro-actively increase the structural integrity of a building. This is particularly useful if you are adding an extension or if your neighbours are having issues with subsidence.

    Unfortunately, there is no limit on how long you have to declare subsidence. If your property has been affected by subsidence at any point in the past, particularly if an insurance claim on that basis has been made about it, then you do have to declare it to the estate agent and the buyer.

    3 Reasons to Relax and Stay Put in Your House During House Restumping

    House restumping is becoming a popular project that most homeowners are undertaking to improve their homes. Homeowners must get experienced and certified specialists to undertake the project. The restumping work varies depending on the state of the house. One must do a little homework before deciding on which company to allocate the task to. Past reviews from customers who have engaged with the companies will come in handy in making a choice. House restumping is a delicate project, and one can’t just jump into making the decision blindly regardless of how attractive the package offered is.

    You have to be assured that the specialists will use only quality materials. The most recommended material is hardwood though it is hard to come by, so people are now turning to steel posts. Specialists must prepare the steel posts to protect them from rust and erosion since they will be installed into the ground. The specialists also have to have the right tools for the job. Proper tools have to be used to handle the house lifting since it is a strenuous and delicate task.

    Living with a foundation problem can cause uneasiness, especially since you are not familiar with the extent of the existing damages. A building inspector will come in handy in giving you this information. They will be able to tell if the problems are too severe and raise any safety concerns. Common foundation problems are not a cause for concern. However, some cracks go beyond the ordinary, and they need to call for a further inspection of the property. The only way to be sure is to have an inspection carried out. The inspector will also give you a possible quote for the cost of repair.

    The primary question that any homeowner considering home restumping usually asks is if it’s safe to be in the house during the process. Inquiring about safety is a legit question, and the concerns are understandable and relatable because keeping our loved ones safe is our top priority. As a homeowner, you are probably even thinking of checking your family into a hotel during the process and, therefore, would want to know how long the process will take. You can relax since it is pretty safe to be in the house during the restumping process because of the following reasons.

    Minimal Vibration

    House restumping is not as disastrous as many people imagine it to be. The process doesn’t necessarily knock things off walls. You won’t even notice repairs are happening around you apart from noises from the tools and machinery used.

    Safe and secure

    The process is well regulated, and even though the house is being raised to accommodate the process, it is gradual. The specialists monitor all ongoing works to guarantee a safe and secure environment and installation process. Everything will be installed in its proper place while ensuring that the pieces of equipment are working correctly.

    Minimal Routine Disruption

    You can go on with your life and routine since the process will hardly interfere with anything. It is, however, courteous to inform your neighbours that there will be some repairs taking place, and they should expect some noise and vibrations from the industrial equipment.

    If you think of doing house restumping, note that it is safer to entrust professionals with the job for guaranteed quality work. The reason for the house restumping doesn’t matter, but the quality is everything. It is also not a cheap process, and you have to get value for your money. The specialists will be able to give you all the relevant details and facts about house restumping. Ensure that you get a breakdown of all the expenses incurred before proceeding to avoid surprises at the end. This will help you to have a precise budget figure for the amount that is required.

    House restumping is a significant investment in any property, and while it will secure the house, it will also increase its market value. Therefore, professionals should do it to avoid serious consequences afterwards. This is why as a homeowner, you need qualified house restumping specialists with the relevant knowledge and experience. Bear in mind the safety of the home relies on the stumps that support them.

    9 Benefits of Restumping Your House

    If you have a house built in a region prone to floods or a house on stumps, then you should be well aware of their top enemy, which is moisture. Moisture can be terrible, especially for homes built on wood stumps. Several old houses were erected on wood stumps, which can be very tough, but with age, even wood can weaken if they are exposed to harmful pests and moisture.

    That’s why you need to have your house restumped to ensure you are safe from any looming catastrophes that can ruin your home and leave your family exposed to danger.

    Here are some benefits of restumping Melbourne

    Understand What’s Happening Underneath Your House

    It is always said what you don’t know couldn’t hurt you, but when you’re dealing with house stumps, you have to see before it becomes a significant problem.

    You might be dealing with your day to day projects without knowing what’s going on below your house. Things could be in a terrible state, and you might not know unless you check. House stumps could look sharp on the outside, but inside, the wood could be weakening rapidly due to water or harmful pests. That’s why it is vital to understand what you need to know about the house stumps. Having your house restumped is the best approach to evaluate the condition of your stumps and relax knowing that you know what is happening.

    Keep Dry Rot Away

    Dry rot is likely to be evident in old houses that have aged sitting on old wooden stumps. Also, the dry rot is expected to trickle through to the main house affecting the entire house. Today, we have unique materials manufactured to prevent dry rot from appearing whenever houses are restumped. Before, technology wasn’t there, so not many people knew what to do when it looked. Before your home is restumped, you have the option of selecting either concrete, galvanized steel, or fresh hardwood. Galvanized steel is preferred because it is more robust and protects your house from dry rot. During restumping, you may have the opportunity to evaluate any form of decay that has made its way to the house and act quickly.

    Increase Space

    A crucial advantage of restumping your home is the opportunity of increasing rooms. Your family might have grown, and sometimes houses might feel small, but adding rooms in your house can allow everyone to have space without anyone feeling like their privacy is being invaded.

    Protect Your Property

    The most heartbreaking experience for flood victims is when they lose their most important personal belongings or memorabilia to exposure to water. House restumping offers you the chance to protect your valuable items.

    Increases the Value of Your Home

    If you are considering selling your house in the future or if you’re repairing with reselling in mind, then restumping your house is one factor that will increase the value of your home. Your house will be attractive to potential homebuyers.

    Most potential homeowners will be looking at the maintenance of the house and what has been repaired that might not cause problems in the future. Installing fresh stumps will immediately increase the value of your home, which could also allow you to push further for a better price when it’s on sale.

    Prevents Danger

    If your home is made on timber stumps, then you have to bear in mind that timber decays as it ages. If the house is on decaying stumps, then you might be in danger. So, to make sure your home is in safe surroundings and your lifestyle is not disrupted, it is best you do your homework and hire the best experts in town to restump your home. The professionals will take care of the whole process so that you can get back to living your best life.

    Prevents House Damage

    If you have a floor that is not levelled, it means even your windows and doors are skewed. Hence, the damage will occur to the windows, doors, and their function. The security of the house will be at risk. Having repaired the stumps of your home will offer solutions to most problems, and you will be back to living a good life.

    New Stumps are Durable

    Older homes get weaker with age, and their stumps can be dangerous to the people living in their homes. Restumping will strengthen the house's foundation and make it level. The advantage of new stumps is that they offer protection from harmful insects and dry rot. That’s why you need to restump today to protect your house for many years to come.

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