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Quality of our work for our customers is what drives us every day. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed backed by an industry leading 10 Year Guarantee The team at Screw Piling Co provide builders, engineers, architects and project managers a fast and proven method of installing foundations / ground anchors for any residential building project…

  • Restumping

  • Sub Floor maintenance

  • Strip Footings

  • Pergolas & Car Ports

  • Commercial Screw Piling


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Our professional and qualified team can complete any home project to your exact specifications.

Screw piles cut into the soil following a constant pitch, as opposed to auguring through it. The helical flights and shafts are specifically designed to suit the ground conditions. Once the pile has reached the target depth it remains permanently in place and is typically filled with concrete.

Screw Piling Co are experts in high rise basement piling with many years and dozens of successful basement piling projects that have been completed on time and on budget. Screw Piling Co can often provide a cost-efficient alternative especially for commercial building projects where the soil is not ideal for conventional slabs or footings...

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Commercial Screw Piling

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Full Insurance Cover

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High Rise Screw Piling

Screw Piling Co are screw piling contractors who have been trading in Melbourne, Australia since 1990. We provide screw piles and piers installation, as well as concrete piers, screw pile foundations and other underpinning and anchoring solutions across a wide range of industry sectors in Melbourne and across Australia.

Screw Piling Co has been working in the commercial sector for 20 years. Our screw piling contractors have worked with many different industries and are aware of all the legal and safety requirements in Australia when it comes to construction. We don’t take any shortcuts with our work and will ensure high-quality screw pile foundations and concrete pliers no matter the job.


    Our customers’ convenience is our highest priority. We understand that when breakdowns or malfunctions occur, time is money as long as your project is affected; so urgent service response time is crucial. As such, our well-managed schedule allows for flexibility such that extra manpower is available if necessary, and that emergency situations can be attended to as soon as possible to minimise losses owing to downtime.


    Our customers will always be able to trust in the reliability that we go to them on-site. Our objective is to provide a welding repair service that is performed quickly without compromising effectiveness, with the end goal being the customers’ complete satisfaction and ability to continue works easily. With more than 30 years of hands-on experience with site repairs, Gooding Brothers Engineering is absolutely equipped to offer you a repair service second to none and where satisfaction is always guaranteed.

  • Qualified and experienced

    SCREW Pilling is a licensed builder and a member of the Master Builder Association and the Housing Industry Association (HIA). With us, you and your house will be the safest and most skillful hands. We have a highly experienced team of builders and to make sure our clients are assured of quality and diligence on our restumping service, we offer full insurance and liabilities for the completed work.

  • We are specialists in foundations

    We have over 30 years of experience in offering permanent solutions to your foundation troubles. Our innovative approach to restumping has been used by thousands of happy and satisfied customers across Sydney.

Flexible Screw Piling Solutions

Screw Piling Co can cater to any budget, from small units to industrial projects, anywhere in Victoria.

Our Screw Piling product is the cheapest, quickest and strongest screw foundation system in today’s market. Unlike the traditional helical and multi fin cast helix used by the Australian Screw Pile market, our robust and rigid single helix no longer restricts the structural integrity of a screw pile.

Screw piles transfer building loads via the shaft (typically CHS section, 76mm dia – 273mm dia) to the helix plate, which is located at the bottom of the shaft. Sizes and thicknesses of each member is engineer designed to allow for all design loads and geotechnical conditions as per your project.

Screw Piling Co entered the Screw Pile market as an alternate contractor and has shown a diverse attitude in catering to a more affordable, stronger and engineered Steel pile technology, rather than duplicating the existing helical / multi fin offer available from our competitors.

Katie Sills
Katie Sills
a month ago

From the moment of organising for a quote to the time of receiving the call that it was all done it has been such a seamless, VERY efficient and stress free process.  Nick was always on time, managed to squeeze me in before Christmas, his team of workers were very hard working, kept me informed along the way, charged me a very reasonable price and the final invoice was exactly what was quoted - no hidden fees.  All I needed to do was sign the paperwork, give him the keys and the rest Nick organised and completed as promised and ahead of time.  Thanks so much to Nick and the team for the great work and for making this stress free for me!  I hope you have a Merry Christmas too!

Tom cook
Tom cook
3 months ago

Screwpiling came to the rescue when our house urgently needed repair. Our walls were cracked, doors not closing and the whole place had a lean which was affecting our sanity. Sam from Restumping Melbourne was quick, affordable and efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend Sam and the boys again.

michael bishop
michael bishop
a year ago

Screw Pilling was an extremely professional and pleasant service to deal with. He did an excellent job of our restumping with a minimum of fuss and no stress for us. He was always prepared to go the extra yard to help. Our house was leveled with no cracking and is now extremely sound. I would highly recommend Nick for anyone needing an excellent tradesman to restump their house

Barb from McKinnon VIC
Barb from McKinnon VIC
a month ago

I was so impressed with Nick's professional manner, the pride in his family's business and "nothing is too much trouble" attitude. Nick was referred to me by friends who had just completed a huge reno - they could not speak more highly of him. From the time I called Nick, he was promptly at our home to access the situation - a continual nagging squeak in the floor boards - not a large job - he was so obliging and it was fixed in no time. He also offered us advise on another problem we had with flooring in another area of the home.  I work in the real estate industry, advising & referring vendors to trades to prepare their home for sale - I will not hesitate & have complete confidence in referring Nick and his company Hawkins Reblocking to friends & clients. Life is a dream without that nagging squeak - thanks Nick." McKinnon Restumping and Reblocking Services.

Ellen Hudson
Ellen Hudson
a week ago

It turns out we didn't need our house restumped, however we did receive professional, helpful advice as to what could be causing the problem. Punctual, profession and very easy to deal with." Aspendale Restumping and Reblocking Services.

Graeme Ceshire
Graeme Ceshire
1 year ago

Nick did a great job. He was very punctual and professional. Highly recommend him to anyone. After job support was great too!"Cheltenham Restumping and Reblocking Services

Michael Loganathan
Michael Loganathan
a year ago

Nick provided excellent service and did an excellent job in the timeframe that we had. We very much appreciated his professionalism and attention to detail. We would highly recommend this business." Bentleigh Restumping and Reblocking Services.

Jeni Stavreski
Jeni Stavreski
a month ago

Nick came around and inspected the house He gave good advice and was prepared to go along with what I wanted. Clayton Restumping and Reblocking Services.

Full-Service Screw Piling Solutions

We have over a decade’s experience in providing quick, efficient structural repairs that will reinforce the foundational integrity of your home, transforming it into a safe haven.

Screw Piling Co understands that foundations play an integral role to any building project. We provide cutting edge screw piles to simplify the construction process, whilst maintaining the highest quality engineering. We pride ourselves on the design, fabrication and delivery taking place all in-house.

  • Communication

    We’re with you every step of the way, even after our job is complete!

  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills

    Working several hours on their feet and making fast decisions


There are many tell tale signs of a house that requires some sort of foundational repair. The most obvious sign that a house is sinking is sloping floors, which will then create cracks in the plasterwork, doors not opening and closing properly, windows jamming and cracks in exterior brickwork particularly around window areas.

If you notice any of the signs above feel free to contact us for an obligation free opinion and inspection.

are terms used interchangeably, which refer to the process of foundational repair and maintenance to a house on stump foundations, rather than a concrete slab. Typically these houses are older style weatherboard houses and over time, certain stumps will sink into the ground beneath them due to the weight of the house above. The rate of sinking can vary greatly, but is often affected by the type of soil or clay beneath the home, which varies greatly across Melbourne’s suburbs. Also, wooden stumps can be affected by termites, insects and general wear and tear from the elements, which is why we usually replace the wooden stumps with concrete stumps. We also pump concrete beneath the stumps to a depth of 450mm into the ground, to ensure the house remains level for many, many years to come. This is why we have no hesitation in offering a 20 year guarantee on our work.

Restumping which is also known as reblocking is the process of replacing your house stumps with new ones. You may not need to replace all the stumps. At LevelMaster we replace your damaged or deteriorating stumps with adjustable steel stumps.

Assessment of the stumps and floor level, assessment of soil and stump depth, jacking and removing stumps, digging if needed. Then the new stumps are placed and the house is leveled.

  1. The number of stumps that need replacing
  2. The height of your property
  3. Soil conditions
  4. Existing foundations
  5. Existing stump holes

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