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Many Australian subfloor building structures consist of either a brick or timber stump construction and deterioration occurs during their lifespan. We offer expert replacement of both types using only the highest quality materials, skilled labor and state of the art machinery.

  • Helping you chose the right type of stump for the structure

  • Assessing the number of stumps that will be used and the spacing required between them

  • We will ensure all the restumping is completed according to building regulations.

  • We will monitor our work

  • Assessing the paperwork required for the project like council building permits


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What is Underpinning?

Our professional and qualified team can complete any home project to your exact specifications.

Underpinning is a process that strengthens the foundations of a building to make it more secure. It's often used when a house has subsidence – that's to say, the ground beneath the building moves or sinks downwards.

While constructing or renovating buildings and structures, the foundation needs to be strong enough to hold the structure solidly. Underpinning is the actual process of strengthening these foundations resulting in better stability and durability to these structures.

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  • What is Polyurethane Injection Underpinning?

    Also known as Chemical Underpinning, polyurethane underpinning is the process of injecting a 2-part resin under the affected area of the slab, causing a rapid expansion which fills any empty spaces (or voids) in the soil. This strengthens the soil and creates a strong base which ensures that the property will no longer sink. Using this solid base, more resin is then injected on top causing the property to lift back into the original position and returning it to a near new state.

  • Traditional concrete underpinning vs polyurethane underpinning

    Traditional underpinning services use concrete and steel to reinforce the area under the slab. To achieve this, excavation is required. This creates a big mess, potential damage to the site by the excavation equipment and can take a long time to complete.

    Unlike the methods used by most underpinning Melbourne companies, underpinning using chemicals such as Polyurethane is a non-invasive method and achieves a stronger outcome. 16mm holes are drilled in the ground under the slab for the resin to be injected having no contact with the existing footings. This process is cleaner, quicker and can be done in a considerably shorter period of time.

  • What is Underpinning?

    Underpinning is a method used to repair properties that suffered subsidence – the process of soil shrinking. It is necessary for supporting foundations that have undergone settlement and require additional support to increase their bearing capacity.

    The traditional process – mass concrete underpinning – involves excavating the soil to support the structure from firm strata. The excavation is replaced with concrete, which is left to cure before carrying the load of the foundation. This brings stability to the house or structure.

    There are different techniques used in house underpinning Melbourne’s reactive soils. There are many factors that help to determine the ideal method of underpinning a house. Such factors include the type of the soil and its characteristics, and the site to be underpinned. Some sites may not be accessible by certain types of machinery used in underpinning foundations so this can impact the methods chosen. 

  • Does My House Need Underpinning?

    There are several reasons why underpinning a house may be necessary. These include:

    • The original foundation is no longer strong or stable
    • If there is a change in the use of the structure 
    • A change in properties of the soils supporting the foundation (possibly due to subsidence or incorrectly judged during structural design)
    • If there are construction projects nearby involving excavation of soil  supporting the existing foundations
    • For increasing the depth or bearing capacity of existing foundations, especially when there is an addition of a storey 
    • In some cases, it’s wiser economically compared to rebuilding the structure.
    • For stabilising the foundations after they’re weakened by natural causes (e.g. adverse weather conditions and floods)

    Your underpinning contractors should take a diagnostic approach to your foundation problem to get a tailored solution. A poor diagnosis of the problem will worsen the existing situation, considering how much it costs Melbourne residents every year. It’s best to engage local underpinning specialists in foundation repairs. We are knowledgeable of the characteristics of soils found in your area and have been house underpinning Melbourne for years. 

Flexible Underpinning Solutions

Homes can cater to any budget, from small units to industrial projects, anywhere in Victoria.

Screw Piling Co creates a solid foundation for your property by providing the highest quality sub floor work throughout VIC.

As an industry leader our commitment is always to deliver exceptional services to our clients. Specialising in underpinning, restumping and subfloor repairs, Screw Piling Co successfully maintains a reputation for delivering quality, reliable and sound services to clients all over Victoria, with a licensed builder that personally oversees all works.

Katie Sills
Katie Sills
a month ago

From the moment of organising for a quote to the time of receiving the call that it was all done it has been such a seamless, VERY efficient and stress free process.  Nick was always on time, managed to squeeze me in before Christmas, his team of workers were very hard working, kept me informed along the way, charged me a very reasonable price and the final invoice was exactly what was quoted - no hidden fees.  All I needed to do was sign the paperwork, give him the keys and the rest Nick organised and completed as promised and ahead of time.  Thanks so much to Nick and the team for the great work and for making this stress free for me!  I hope you have a Merry Christmas too!

Tom cook
Tom cook
3 months ago

Screwpiling came to the rescue when our house urgently needed repair. Our walls were cracked, doors not closing and the whole place had a lean which was affecting our sanity. Sam from Restumping Melbourne was quick, affordable and efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend Sam and the boys again.

michael bishop
michael bishop
a year ago

Screw Pilling was an extremely professional and pleasant service to deal with. He did an excellent job of our restumping with a minimum of fuss and no stress for us. He was always prepared to go the extra yard to help. Our house was leveled with no cracking and is now extremely sound. I would highly recommend Nick for anyone needing an excellent tradesman to restump their house

Barb from McKinnon VIC
Barb from McKinnon VIC
a month ago

I was so impressed with Nick's professional manner, the pride in his family's business and "nothing is too much trouble" attitude. Nick was referred to me by friends who had just completed a huge reno - they could not speak more highly of him. From the time I called Nick, he was promptly at our home to access the situation - a continual nagging squeak in the floor boards - not a large job - he was so obliging and it was fixed in no time. He also offered us advise on another problem we had with flooring in another area of the home.  I work in the real estate industry, advising & referring vendors to trades to prepare their home for sale - I will not hesitate & have complete confidence in referring Nick and his company Hawkins Reblocking to friends & clients. Life is a dream without that nagging squeak - thanks Nick." McKinnon Restumping and Reblocking Services.

Ellen Hudson
Ellen Hudson
a week ago

It turns out we didn't need our house restumped, however we did receive professional, helpful advice as to what could be causing the problem. Punctual, profession and very easy to deal with." Aspendale Restumping and Reblocking Services.

Graeme Ceshire
Graeme Ceshire
1 year ago

Nick did a great job. He was very punctual and professional. Highly recommend him to anyone. After job support was great too!"Cheltenham Restumping and Reblocking Services

Michael Loganathan
Michael Loganathan
a year ago

Nick provided excellent service and did an excellent job in the timeframe that we had. We very much appreciated his professionalism and attention to detail. We would highly recommend this business." Bentleigh Restumping and Reblocking Services.

Jeni Stavreski
Jeni Stavreski
a month ago

Nick came around and inspected the house He gave good advice and was prepared to go along with what I wanted. Clayton Restumping and Reblocking Services.

Full-Service Underpinning Solutions

We have over a decade’s experience in providing quick, efficient structural repairs that will reinforce the foundational integrity of your home, transforming it into a safe haven.

With over 30 years of industry experience our company offers a permanent solution that has been trialled and used by 1000’s of customers throughout Melbourne and the greater VIC regions

  • Communication

    We’re with you every step of the way, even after our job is complete!

  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills

    Working several hours on their feet and making fast decisions


Where a building has been damaged by foundation movement and has required underpinning, there may also be a need to carry out structural repairs or strengthening work to the superstructure. Such works should be designed and specified by a structural engineer or a specialist structural repair company.

Why is underpinning required? When soil within a property's foundation moves, it affects that property's support. Once the support is weakened, the property may move and become unsafe, so underpinning is required to strengthen its structure.

If you've noticed structural issues in your home then you might require underpinning to strengthen your foundation.Despite this, some may consider opting for a DIY underpinning job.

In construction or renovation, underpinning is the process of strengthening the foundation of an existing building or other structure.The usage of the structure has changed. The properties of the soil supporting the foundation may have changed (possibly through subsidence) or were mischaracterized during design.

Can you insure an underpinned house? Insurance providers can be wary of insuring a house that's been underpinned, as it's a sign of structural weakness. However, finding buildings insurance for underpinned houses shouldn't be too hard as numerous providers offer this type of cover. But it could be more expensive.

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